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Packaging with Loom – Simply Working Better Together

Packaging is a complex business. From creation to production, a wide range of information and documents needs to be exchanged, coordinated and controlled between many stakeholders. Loom will make this complex business simple.

Lifelong Companion

Whether folding boxes, labels, wrappers, bags, blisters, cups, tubes, etc.: Loom accompanies the entire life cycle of your packaging – starting with the initial definition of a material number through the first briefing for the artwork to outphasing. Everything in one place, well-arranged and accessible forever.

All Information at a Glance

Did the agency get the briefing? What is the status of our relaunch project? Which approvals are still missing? Are we still in time? What are my current tasks?

Loom delivers everything at a glance. Exactly as you need it. And the calming feeling that nothing can be forgotten.

Available on All Devices

With Loom you have everything at your fingertips, whether on your computer in the office, at home or on the go. Loom is a pure online solution that provides you with exactly the information you want on the go, thanks to a customizable web app on your smartphone or tablet.

Freedom for Your Head

Forward e-mails, keep employees and colleagues up to date by telephone, search Word and Excel documents for information, coordinate approval cycles …

Loom relieves you of these time-consuming tasks and gives you plenty of freedom for the tasks that drive you and your company forward.

As Flexible as You Are

It sounds natural, the reality with software solutions often looks different. Proprietary systems and standard solutions reach their limits early on when it comes to flexibly mapping individual requirements.

Loom carries the flexibility in DNA. Rigid and one-dimensional processes are not intended. Unless your requirements look exactly the same. Otherwise, Loom adapts to all wishes: Colours, structures, terms, internal and external processes.

Smart and Simple

Even the best tool will only help if it is easy to use. Loom’s interface concept is inspired by space pioneer Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov’s saying: The ingenuity of a construction lies in its simplicity. Anyone can build complicated.

Loom works with a clearly arranged tab structure and a few self-explanatory control elements. Naturally, you will determine the content structure.

Perfectly Connected

Loom can communicate with any type of external software application and exchange data used from creation to production of packaging.

Loom provides missing links and will delight you as a unified information and control centre with unimagined possibilities.

Fast-forward Into the Future

Loom is built to work and trimmed for maximum speed. Thousands of parallel jobs and accesses are easily handled. The architecture of the solution consistently is based on open and clearly documented standards.

All Loom installations run at an identical stage of development, which is constantly further developed and updated. This means for you: a secure investment in the future.

With Pleasure also International

Loom delivers all content consistently in UTF-8. UTF-8 is a character encoding that allows the characters of most languages to be captured. And of course Loom automatically sets the correct language for the individual user when logging in – a matter of honour.

Everything Where it Belongs

All projects are automatically and cleanly documented and archived from A to Z in Loom. This helps not only with the internal revision, but also with the planning and execution of the next major relaunch.

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